Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beauty Products and Acne Breakouts

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Do you still struggle with breakouts? One factor of developing acne is bacteria. You might wonder, you are cleansing your face twice a day and applying acne medication to keep bacteria away, and yet you still develop acne? How is that possible? Well, check your skincare products and cosmetics. They might be the culprits.
It's nice when you know which skin products to choose from. Many ingredients from these items may irritate your skin and clog the pores and thus promote acne development. Preventing breakouts doesn't end at choosing the right kind of products with the right ingredients. Once you open the seal of the container, the product is already a prospective breeding ground to bacteria, and thus acne breakouts. Be extra careful with water-based products. The moisture of these are particularly inviting to the bacteria. Remember your sweaty socks? Bacteria just love damp areas! Once they invade your beauty products, so would they migrate to your skin.

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So basically, liquid products have short life spans because they attract bacteria faster. Dry products last longer, but they are still going to spoil in due time. Different kinds of products last for a certain period of time.

Eyeshadow - 3 years
Eyeliner - 3 years
Mascara - 3 months
Lipstick - 1-2 years
Foundation - 12 months (water-based), 18 months (oil-based)
Powder - 2 years
Concealer - 1 year

Here are some articles about cosmetics products' shelf life for more information.

Do you always keep track of your products' shelf life? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.
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