Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunscreen, Makeup, and Skin Care Products

If you're one of those ladies who go out a lot but rely mainly on BB creams (or other cosmetics with SPF) as your sole protection against the sun, then think again. I admittedly use my multi-functional BB cream during those days when I only needed to go out for a few minutes, and skip the sunscreen due to the usually greasy effect they give on my face. However, BB creams alone wouldn't be enough for longer sun exposure - even those with a high SPF and broad spectrum protection - because BB creams are only supposed to be applied sparingly on the face. Unless you're willing to slather your face with a full-shot-glass amount of BB cream, a tiny amount of BB cream will never be enough to keep you protected, and so comes in the heavy-duty sunscreen.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sunscreen Photostability

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As you may have already read in this post, a good sunscreen requires protection for both UVA and UVB. Yet, even if the formulation offers protection against the harmful rays doesn't mean it's 100% reliable. Another step that manufacturers need to look at to ensure sun protection is photostability of their sunscreen ingredients. To be photostable means that the sunscreen UV filters must remain stable under sun exposure. Some sunscreen ingredients break down immediately under sunlight, rendering their protective capabilities as useless. An interaction between different ingredients needs to be carefully analyzed.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Product Review: Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam (Green Tea)

If you have read the About page as well as my dermatologist experience, you probably already know that the only skin care routine I had adopted in my younger days was cleansing the face. As a teen, I used to just wash with a bar soap - any bar soap that I was using for my body. Pretty economical, yet a major facial skin care flop. Then, I somehow upgraded to a bar soap especially made for the face. It was good enough to deal with my acne, but it became too effective for fighting off my zits that my skin became overly dry. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Are Parabens: The Highly Controversial Substance

Parabens are compounds commonly used as preservatives in skin care products. They are important because they prevent bacteria and fungi from contaminating the products. Since the report of EWG about it's possible carcinogenicity, parabens have become widely controversial. Despite this, the scientific community concluded that it is generally safe to use.

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