Friday, July 26, 2013

Proper Care for Your Skin Care Products

One way to get beautiful skin is to apply good skin care products. Skin care products protect your skin from stress, pollutants, UV radiation (for those that contains SPF), dryness, and free radicals. But skin care doesn't just stop there. Your beauty products degrade over time, and if not taken of properly, may even do more harm than good to your skin. So taking proper care of your beauty tools is a must. 

But how do you take care of your beauty products? First, you need to know what degrades them. Heat, direct sunlight, air, moist, dirt, and germs all contribute to lessening your products' potency. By avoiding these variables, your products will tend to stay fresh and effective throughout their shelf life.


The question of where to place your skin care products shouldn't be taken lightly. I like placing my products on a vanity table that is unfortunately located near the window. I kept wondering then why my bleaching gel that my dermatologist prescribed turned brown quickly. Other products that used to work wonders on my skin had somehow become ineffective on me. It took me a while to realize that the heat coming from the window was degrading my products. Instead of doing major furniture rearrangements in my room, I put the products in a basket instead for easy transport and placed it somewhere safe, far away from the light. The basket allows me to easily grab all my skin care products back to my vanity table whenever I needed to do my regimen.

Here are some examples of beauty baskets that you may use to keep your products in a safer place:

Instead of the vanity table, some women prefer placing their beauty kits on the bathroom counter. That isn't advisable. Bathroom is one of the most humid parts of the house, and you will only attract more bacteria or molds onto your beauty products. With the exception of your facial cleanser and other facial scrubs, place the rest of your beauty products away from your bathroom.


Different skin care products have different types of containers. Pumps and tubes are the more hygienic containers as the mechanism of the containers allows you to use the product without having to touch the inside. Jars tend to be the most unhygienic of all due to the required dipping of the fingers during every use. Not only do jars allow more exposure to dirt and germs, the wide open surface area of the brim promotes oxidation, which degrades the product eventually.

There are two ways to address the jar issue: One, you can simply transport your product to another container you prefer, maybe a jar too but a smaller one (at least less amount of product will be exposed in a small container, and before they degrade to spoilage, the contents will all be used up), or a squeezable plastic bottle/tube. Two, get a clean spatula and dip it instead of your fingers. Spatulas are far more hygienic than your fingers as your fingers may contain bacteria (even after washing) and natural oils that you don't want to be mixed in with the product.

Transfer your product's contents into a squeezable bottle such as this:

Or into a smaller jar:

Using a spatula such as the one below for better hygiene.

Remember, you cannot always expect your skincare products to work if you don't store and handle them properly. Follow your regimen diligently and do not neglect to care for your products. Once you've done these two, you can surely be on your way to better skin.

Last Updated: August 10, 2015
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