Saturday, November 5, 2011

Frugal Shopping and Reading the Labels

Choose your products wisely.

Photo by Ambro 

I came from a frugal family. Going to boutiques has been a challenge to us. When we choose products, we not only consider the quality but also the price. I remembered going to a boutique with my mom many years ago. I was so happy to find a very cheap bottle of lotion. It was a buy one take one commodity. I quickly showed it to my mom, but soon after
, she stopped me from placing it into the shopping basket. She told me the brand was an unknown one. Also, the lotion was manufactured in China. For some reasons, my mom was very apprehensive of products coming from China. It was way long before the melamine scare from dairy products or the infamous recall of China toys.

Anyway, so I got disappointed because the thought of getting a good bargain quickly dissipated into thin air. We bought another well-known lotion instead of the product I’d intended to buy. I was very young then. I then came to realize that although quality should never be compromised with the price, knowing the product’s composition would help me save money. Sometimes, the tendency for consumers who lack knowledge about the ingredients is to just choose the products based on the price. People tend to think that the more expensive the product, the better the quality. Frugal people tend to go for the middle price - not too expensive, not too cheap. But price is not always the accurate indicator of quality. It was during that realization that I have decided to learn more about reading labels. 

Here is a list of the common skin care ingredients you might find in your favorite products. By learning about the ingredients, you’ll know whether the product you are using is safe or not, effective or ineffective. You will also realize whether the money you are spending on these products is worthwhile.

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