Friday, July 25, 2014

The Danger Triangle of Your Face

I have a habit of popping my pimples despite hearing and reading several warnings against this. It is said that the act may infect the pimples and or leave permanent scars.

When the news about a boy getting hospitalized due to an infected pimple was relayed to me, at first I couldn't believe it. The "danger triangle of the face" sounds absurd and illogical. But research made it clear to me that it does exist.

Yes, there is a danger triangle or triangle of death found on the face. It starts from the bridge of the nose between the eyes and widens down toward the base of the mouth, forming a triangle. Pimples that get infected within this area can lead to serious illnesses and even death.

To make the explanation as simple as I can, the reason behind the danger is that the blood vessels are in close proximity to the brain. There are no valves present to control what goes through the vessels. Thus, when the pimples in the area gets infected, the bacteria may travel freely through the blood vessels and toward the brain.

While death due to a pimple may be rare, it is best to avoid getting risks of infection. It's a good reason enough to stop the habit of pimple popping. I hope I too can finally stop the urge to manually extract my zits.

Meanwhile, if you want to delve deeper about the danger triangle, here are some articles you may find useful:

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