Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Acne, Air Pollution, Poor Diet, and Suggested Solutions

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Lately, I've been having serious acne flare ups on the face and I am not proud of it. It must be the air pollution or the poor diet I'm having. For some reasons, the vehicles passing by our neighborhood has increased, making dark smogs to be a frequent sighting whenever I go outside home. Ice cream and dairy products have also become more frequent in my diet.

So, after much scouring on the Internet, I decided to construct a list of skin care do's and don'ts. I will be putting these suggested solutions on my smartphone to remind myself constantly of the proper skin care habits. I hope that after observing the list diligently, I will finally find some improvements on my skin. Below is my list and I promise to update you as soon as I see some progress.

Suggestions to Get Rid of Acne:

Don't touch the face.
Do apply sunscreen everyday to protect skin from UV (UV becomes more harmful when combined with air pollution).
Do moisturize everyday to stay hydrated and to create barrier against pollution.
Don't eat too much sugary foods.
Don't take too much dairy products.
Do take supplements including Vitamin C and Omega-3 to protect the skin.
Do exfoliate the skin twice a day (check though for signs of irritation).
Do apply acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide.
Do change the pillow cases every other week.
Do lie on the back while sleeping.
Do clean the laptop's keyboard, tablet, and cellphone everyday.
Do sleep earlier so as not to worsen acne.
Do eat more nutritious foods beneficial for the skin.

Note: This is actually a late post and I will publish the results soon.
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