Thursday, January 22, 2015

My New Dermatologist and Some Updates

Early this January, I decided to visit a new dermatologist. I had previous experiences with a dermatologist. Although I saw a lot of improvements after those visits, I realized how costly it could get for maintenance. Simply put, my original dermatologist caters to well-off patients. Each tiny bottle of skin care product costs 300-400 pesos. His cleaning sessions alone costs 800. I just didn't feel I was getting a great value for my money.

This time, I found a new dermatologist who doesn't demand much from my wallet. He doesn't require me to use his clinic's products. It's fine for him that I use my store-bought products as long as they work well on my skin. The only products I got from his clinic are skin medications that require prescriptions, namely: retinoic acid and clindamycin.

Meanwhile, I had promised in my earlier post (Acne, Air Pollution, Poor Diet, and Suggested Solutions) to give an update about the results of my new skin-friendly lifestyle. I would be lying if I said I strictly stuck to my do's and don'ts list. Taking care of the skin can indeed take a lot of effort! Despite not being strict down to the last letter of the list, I managed to see results on my skin health.

Shortly after starting my new regimen, I went to Tokyo for a vacation. The cool and dry weather there had immediate results on my skin. My pimples dried up and my Alba Botanica sunscreen provided ample protection against the weather and the sun. My skin loved the Tokyo environment and during my week-long stay there, I noticed my skin to be slowly clearing up.

It's quite funny that it was after that period that I decided to see a dermatologist. Well, I wanted to maintain a clear skin, especially since it's already a new year. Here's a rundown on his treatment:

He gave me a cleaning, that is, he manually pricked my pimples. He told me that I inherited my oily skin from my dad, and so it is expected that my acne will flare up again. I can visit him once a month for a cleaning session, to maintain my skin. He told me that my problems are mostly the whiteheads and blackheads. He told me I could keep using my facial wash, and gave me a toner with clindamycin, which I should use twice daily. He also gave me a retinoic acid cream which I should apply every night after cleansing and toning.

Do you visit a dermatologist too? How was the treatment?
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