Saturday, October 1, 2016

Product Revew: Chu Lip

Chu Lip
I first came across this trendy Japanese lip balm called Chu Lip during our visit in Tokyo. My sister and I couldn't resist its cute design so each of us bought one for ourselves! Unlike a regular lip balm, it's bigger and rounder. It comes with a variety of flavors. They have a fruity smell, which we both love! They are all colorless. This product does a great job on keeping my lips moisturized. Since it's bigger than a regular lip balm, it can last for several months. We loved it so much that we bought another one on our next visit to Japan!

Each costs 600 yen, or roughly 240 pesos. I bought them in a store called Loft (highly recommended!). I don't know if these lip balms are available locally.

Chu Lip comes in many different flavors!
This is how the inside looks like.

Chu Lip is also available at Amazon.

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